10 Hot Tips for Making Your House Feel “Homey” to Potential Buyers

There are many tricks and tips to help you prepare your house for showing to potential buyers. Many seem to focus on curb appeal, which after all is the first thing buyers see as they pull up to your address. But once your potential buyer gets out of their car and comes through the front door, what they see next will either seal the deal or turn them away. Here are ten hot tips for preparing your house to receive those in the market to buy.

1. Keep It Clean

If your buyers walk into a dirty house, it’s an instant turn off. Rather than being able to picture themselves living in the house, they are too distracted by dirt, grime, dust, and so forth. Go through your home and make it sparkle.

2. Avoid Empty Rooms

If you have a spare bedroom that has been used for storage, clean it out and turn it into a room with purpose. Put a spare bed in it or perhaps a desk and office chair. Doing this makes it much easier for buyers to see the room as a useful space.

3. No One Lives In the Dark

Open all blinds and curtains, turn on the lights, and make your home look bright and appealing. Dark rooms look gloomy and smaller than they actuallyare.

4. If It’s Broken, Fix It

One thing you can count, if you have anything that is broken like a faucet that drips, drawer pulls, or cabinet handles missing a ceiling fan that makes too much or doesn’t work at all, or anything else, buyers will see it. This will encourage them to offer you less than your asking prices.

5. Clean Out the Clutter

If you have to, rent a storage pod, but get rid of the clutter, thin out your closets, pare down your pantry. The idea is to give the impression of space and show buyers how much room there is.

6. New Carpet, New Paint

Unless your carpet is less than a couple of years old and looks brand new when professionally cleaned, replace it. It doesn’t cost much to paint the interior walls with a fresh coat of neutral colored paint. These are two of the best things you can do to make your home more attractive to buyers.

7. Keep Your Kitchen Organized

If you have appliances on the counters you don’t use, find a place to store them out of sight and make sure you clean everything.

8. Take Out the Trash

No matter where you have trash bins in your home, such as in the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, andoffice, be sure you empty them all before you show your home. The same applies to dirty laundry, put in a closed hamper or find somewhere to hide it.

9. Oil Those Hinges

If you have doors with squeaky doors, including closets, room doors, and cabinets, take five minutes out to spray a little WD40 on them. Not only will this quieten things down, but it will make them operate more smoothly.

10. A Bright Idea

Go through yourhouse and make sure all the light bulbs and switches work. It might not be a bad idea to replace the bulbs with new ones. The last thing you want is for a buyer to turn on a light that doesn’t work.