3 Great Reasons Why Running Your Business from Home Is a Bad Idea

It can be tempting to try and run your real estate business from the spare room in your house. In fact, many people do and with some measure of success. The big thing is, when it comes to running a real estate business from your home, your chances of success go down exponentially. Having an office in the same place you live, may sound great. You have a home office in your spare bedroom, internet service already set up, everything you need.

While all of this sounds great, you need to separate your private life from your business life, and when you have clients coming in and out along with members of your family, the distractions can make it hard to get anything done, let alone succeed. Here are three “business” reasons why you need to have your office outside of your home.

1. A Lack of Professional Interaction

When you want your real estate business to succeed, one of the most important things you need to do is to surround yourself with other like-minded people. You certainly aren’t going to be doing that if you spend your “office time” sitting around in your bathrobe on the couch. There are simply too many distractions at home. Things like the dog, the kids, the TV, the view outside your window, you name it, and it will take valuable time you could be using to build your business.

2. Where Is Your Company Culture?

When a client goes to a realtor’s office, they see a “company” one with an established office that looks and feels like a professional business. Your clients will be able to recognize your business and your brand. When you work out of an “office” in your home, you give your clients the impression of being an amateur or perhaps a beginner who doesn’t have the desired background or experience needed to take care of their clients. In the real estate world, image counts for far more than you might realize. Move out of that back room and into rented office space, and you start creating a “company culture” geared toward success.

3. About Those Darned Distractions

Let’s go back to talking about distractions for a moment before we close out. When you have an office, you still have to distractions to deal with. Phone calls, clients coming in and out, co-workers, and so forth. But these are the types of distractions that lead to improved success. After all, how can you sell homes if you don’t have phone calls coming in, phone calls to make, clients, showings, closings, etc.?

At home, you have similar distractions to deal with. But then you still have the many usual distractions of being at home too. A fridge full of snacks, endless coffee, your favorite shows on TV, the kids running in and out, your spouse needed to go shopping, take your pick. The more distractions you have to deal with, the less “real” work you are going to get done.

If for no other reasons than these, it’s easy to see why running your real estate business from home is likely only to reach a certain level of success. However, by taking your business into an office where you are easily accessible, you have a more significant chance of achieving your true goals.