4 Important Renovation Design Trends You Should Avoid in Your Rental Properties

If you are getting ready to renovate one or more of your rental units, it can quickly become overwhelming, not to mention expensive. When you look at this way, it’s easy to see so many property managers tend to put this off for as long as it’s feasible to do. Keep in mind though, renovations have several advantages, such as increasing the value of the property, helping to attract more potential tenants.

While trying to keep up with some of the latest trends can help, choosing the wrong one can end up making your rentals harder to rent. Once the trend has passed, your renovations can quickly make your rental units look outdated. In turn, this can turn many potential tenants away from your properties. The goal with any renovation is to spruce the property up and give a “brand-new” look that helps rather than hinders keeping it occupied.

Take a look at this list of renovation trends you should avoid when trying to upgrade and update your rental units.

Those Granite Countertops

Of course, all the DIY and home improvement shows have been heralding the use of granite countertops for a long time. But, like anything else, they are sure to go out of style at some point in the near future. When this happens, these very expensive countertops are not only going to make your property look dated but will be costly to replace. Better choices might include, quartz, laminate, or marble as these materials never seem to go out of style.

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Just a few years ago the “distressed” look was definitely the hottest trend. Now that this particular trend has passed us by, all these cabinets will do, is make your rentals look old and outdated. Come to that, if your bathrooms or kitchens have this type of cabinetry, this is the perfect place to start your renovation project. Keep in mind, lighter colors on your kitchen cabinets will help make the room look bigger and feeling airier.

Don’t Skip Out on the Window Treatments

In recent years interior designers have attempted to recreate that loft feel by skipping out on the window treatments. A nod to minimalism that takes the concept one step too far. Not only do window treatments give your tenants privacy, but they also help keep out the heat and cold. Use blinds, curtains, shutters, it really depends on the style of the rental unit, be sure to stick to neutral colors.

Those All-White Bathrooms

An all-white bathroom, including fixtures and walls, is often said to make the space look much bigger. The problem with an all-white bathroom, is that just as much as white can make the room look super-clean, white also shows dirt quickly. Unless your tenants are clean-freaks, the white can quickly start to look dirty and dingy. A much better choice would be pastel colors as they are easier to take care of and still look great.

There is nothing wrong with trying to stay abreast of the latest trends when the time comes to renovate. The most important thing to keep in mind, that trends come, and trends go. Your job is to determine which ones are worth investing in and which ones you need to avoid.