5 Great Landscaping Tips

There is nothing quite like the feeling that comes with becoming a homeowner for the first time. However, there are many things you have to think about that go along with buying a home, this includes the basics such as making sure you have the right insurance and that you have the money to take on emergencies if and when they arise. It also includes making sure your yard is in optimum condition, this includes your lawns, shrubs, walkway, and driveways. Here are 5 tips to help you keep everything nice and healthy.

Create a Compost Pile

During the course of taking care of your lawn and any gardens you might have, you are going to create a fair amount of yard waste. The same applies to your kitchen, in that you create a lot of compostable waste. This all includes leaves, lawn clippings, vegetable and fruit waste, and more. Instead of bagging it all up for the garbage service to take away, put it all in a compost bin where over the course of time it will become a rich fertilizer you can use to improve the health of your gardens.

Pay More for Soil and Less for Plants

If you were to talk to a professional landscaper, at some point during the conversation you might hear them say something along the lines of “Pay $100 for the soil and $10 for the tree.” While this might sound strange, what the landscaper is trying to tell you is that while you can get a cheap tree to grow in good soil, you can’t get a good tree (or any other kind of plant) to grow in poor soil. Before you set out to plant anything in your yard, take a sample of the soil and check it out thoroughly. This way, if you need to improve the soil you can do so before wasting money on trees, shrubs, or even grass.

Keep Your Foundation Clear

While it might be tempting to hide your foundation behind shrubs, bushes, flowers, and many other forms of vegetation, you need to be very careful about how you do it. Plants not only give pests a place to hide and attack your foundation, they also create dark shady areas that can promote mold and mildew growth. Keep all plants at least two feet away from your foundation, this includes mulch as well.

Pay Attention to Your Side Yard

Most people tend to put the bulk of their landscaping efforts into making their front and back yards looking great, but tend to forget any side yards they have. By paying close attention to your side yards, you can create a fabulous and cohesive look that significantly improves the value of your home.

Know Your Limits

In as much as you want to be the one who takes care of and improves your landscaping, you need to know your limits. Professional landscapers know more about drainage, irrigation, plants, lawns, and soil than anyone, so if you are not sure what you are doing, don’t be afraid to call in the pros. With a little hard work and time, you can have a yard the entire neighborhood is jealous of.