5 Hot Tips for Creating Curb Appeal

When a potential buyer pulls up in front of your house, the first thing they see is how your home looks from the street. This is often referred to as curb appeal and is perhaps one of the most important but least considered aspects of selling a home. Consider curb appeal your chance to make the right first impression with any prospective buyer, much like your handshake and body language are the first impression you make when meeting someone for the first time. Here are a five great tips to help your home make this all-important first impression.

  1. Your Front Door: Your front door is the gateway to your home, if it looks old, chipped, or faded, your door may turn many prospective buyers away before they step foot in the house. Consider repainting it and if possible adding a little extra molding trim around the frame to create a much more appealing look to your entrance way. The best part is that this type of upgrade is relatively inexpensive but can make a huge difference in how people see your home.
  2. Hide Your Trash Bins: We all have to have trash bins, but that doesn’t mean we want to see them. Why not build a small storage shed or at least put up a small fence or wall around them? Not only does this keep them from being seen from the street, but it also helps keep everything out of sight and more organized.
  3. Keep Your Heat Pump Out of Sight: The same rule applies to your air conditioning unit. Here in sunny Southern California most homes have large a/c units sitting in plain sight on one side of the house or another. A few pieces of lattice fencing are a great way to hide the a/c unit and significantly improve your home’s curb appeal.
  4. Paint Your House: Maybe it has only been a few years or maybe it has been even longer, but if your home’s paint has begun to fade or chip, it is a sure way to make your entire house look tired and worn out. Spending a few hundred dollars to have your home professionally painted or doing it yourself can increase its value significantly.
  5. Keep Your Yard Spotless: Your landscaping says a lot to the person interested in buying your home as they pull up to it for the first time. Keep toys and other junk put away, keep your grass mowed and any gardens well-kept and weed free. If your yard seems to be beyond simple fixes, you may want to consider hiring a professional landscaper to make it shine before placing your home up for sale.

Creating the right curb appeal for your home when you are selling it is not a matter of spending a fortune. Instead, it is a matter of taking a good honest look at your home from the street just as any prospective buyer will. If your home looks well-kept and inviting, it has good curb appeal. If not fix anything that looks old or worn out, add a few nice touches like those above and you might be surprised at the results.