5 Hot Tips to Jazz Up Your Property Photos This Year

When potential tenants come to your website in search of their next home, the first thing they are likely to see are any photos of the property you have posted. Along with a quality VR tour video, you need to have a number of great pictures for them to look at. Even if you are not the best possible photographer, you can learn to take great photographs as long as you have the right equipment.

No Cell Phones, Please

Today’s cell phone cameras can take excellent photographs, but despite this, creating a portfolio for your rentals requires something a little better with regards to a camera. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a professional grade DSLR, but you should at least aim for a decent camera somewhere in the middle.

Lots of Light

Good indoor photographs need plenty of light. Do everything you can to take advantage of natural light by opening all the curtains, blinds, and if necessary the doors. The more natural light you can get, the better your rental unit will look in the photos.

Take Your Time

Take your time each photograph, use a tripod if you have one (or you can buy one). The last things you need is blurry photographs. Make sure each photo is strategically planned to highlight specific areas of the property in their best possible light.

Special Areas

If you have made recent renovations, upgraded the appliances, remodeled the bathroom, or any number of other improvements, be sure you highlight these in your photographs. Things like this make great selling points and may the one thing that turns a prospective tenant into a long-term resident.

Good Staging is Vital

Just as you would stage the property for sale with furniture, curtains, and just enough other miscellaneous items to help show tenants how their new home might look once they move. However, avoid letting place become too cluttered. Looking lived in is one thing, looking like you never clean is a completely different picture.

Choosing the Right Photos

Now that you have taken dozens of photographs of your rental property from every conceivable angle, it’s time to look at what you have. Choose the best photos that highlight your rental unit and make it look more desirable. If you need to, you can also use photo editing software and your computer to enhance them. Keep the enhancements simple or prospective tenants might start to wonder exactly what you are trying to hide.

The Reality

Renting single and multifamily units in the Pasadena area can be very lucrative and a great investment. And while there is no shortage of prospective tenants looking for a new home. You want to have the largest possible list of potential tenants to choose from. By going to the full gamut of photographs, videos, and virtual tours, you should have your pick and be able to choose the best possible tenants whom you can count on to remain in the home over the long haul.