6 Low-Cost Home Fixes That Will Increase Your Odds of Making a Sale

Most homeowners know how to fix a few of the most basic things around their home. However, many smaller fixes go unnoticed or incomplete out of a lack of knowing how to do them, yet they can have a serious impact on your ability to sell your home or get the highest possible sale price from it. Here are 6 low-cost repairs you can do yourself that will increase your odds of selling your home and getting the most for it.

1. Clean Up the Entry

Everyone knows that the first impression is the most important, especially when you are trying to sell your home. If your front door is old and faded, you can repaint it or if it is damaged, simply replace it. While a new door might cost a couple of hundred dollars or more, you are sure to recoup this and more when you sell your home.

2. Replace the Backsplash

The backsplash in your kitchen takes a beating over time and can end up looking dingy and lifeless. Replacing it with a fresh new look is a great way to make your kitchen look fantastic to potential buyers. Go for simple good looks with wallpaper, tin ceiling tiles, new paint, or go all out and paint it with magnetic chalkboard paint.

3. Give Your Cabinets a Facelift

Like the backsplash, your kitchen cabinets can take on a worn and dingy appearance over time. While painting them can take a bit of time, the results can make your kitchen look brand new and inviting as well as add value to your home that buyers are sure to appreciate.

4. New Hardware

Once you have cleaned up your cabinets, it may be time for all new hardware. A simple set of new drawer pulls and cabinet knobs is the perfect way to put a finishing touch on your new paint job. Even if your cabinets look good without a new paint job, adding new knobs and pulls is a good way to give them an upgraded look.

5. New Fixtures

If your home is like many, the bathroom fixtures are probably pretty basic and worn looking. A trip to your local discount hardware superstore can net new upgraded fixtures that can be used to give your bathroom a fantastic new look. Be sure to turn off the water before replacing them and follow the included instructions carefully to avoid leaks.

6. Make Your Ceiling Fans Fancy

Most homes in the Pasadena area have ceiling fans to help offset the high cost of air conditioning. While most people dust the blades, they tend to look old and worn out over time. Cleaning them is simply not enough, why not paint them to match your décor? You might be surprised at how much difference a fresh coat of paint can make.

It only takes a few small tricks like these to make your house more appealing to buyers who are comparing it to others on the market. Simple tasks like these can make your home stand out head and shoulders above the crowd and help you sell it more quickly while getting the highest possible price.