6 Things Millennials Look for When Buying a House

Millennials are perhaps one of the most particular groups of home buyers you are likely to deal with. Most want maximum information before they spend a dime. When it comes to buying a house, they seem to know exactlywhat they want and will rarely accept less. If you are thinking about selling your home or are trying to find new ways to attract more Millennials to your office, here are six thing millennials look for in a new home.

1. Modern Bathrooms

It is not unusual for millennial home buyers to be doing so on a tight budget. If the home you are showing them has an old “dated” bathroom, this can be a major turn-off. They want a comfortable and “trendy” bathroom. It doesn’t have to cost that much to update the bathroom and doing so could significantly increase the value of the property while speeding the sale process along.

2. Large Modern Kitchens

To most millennial home buyers, the kitchen serves not just as a place to prepare gourmet foods, but as the hub of activity in their home. Large up to date kitchens with modern appliances are likely to be far more appealing.

3. Smart Technology

Millennials want the latest in AI controlled devices such as Alexa or Google Home, fully integrated into their homes. Thisincludes a range of smart devices such as thermostats, lighting, garage door openers, connected appliances, and more. Having these systems built into a house will make it very attractive to millennials buyers, andthey may be willing to pay a higher price for a high-tech family home.

4. Green Homes Are Hot

Millennials make up one of the largest segments of energy efficient home buyers on the market. They tend to place a lot of emphasis on being “Green” homes that have the latest in energy efficient appliances, LED lighting, programmable thermostats, and thermal windows tend to be more popular and command higher prices.

5. A Personal Workspace

As technology continues to spread, the number of millennial home buyers who work from home is steadily on the rise. One way to attract the attention of the millennial buyersis to emphasizehow easyit would be to turn an extra bedroom into a home office by staging it as such. It lets the buyer see the possibilities for themselves and might be the last peg in the board that sells the house.

6. A Place to Store Stuff

Millennials tend to have lots of extra gear to store from mountain bikes to snowboards. They want a walk-in pantry, lots of closet space, and literallya place for everything. Houses that showcase the many storage areas are more likely to appeal to the millennial buyer.

It’s much harder to appeal to the millennial buyer as they tend to be far more selective in knowing exactlywhat they want in their next home. In most cases,the few small expenses incurred result in faster sales at higher prices.