Are You Making the Most of Your Property Management Website?

If your property management website already has a blog, you are at least to some degree aware of how blogging can help you stay in touch with your tenants, both current and potential. But, perhaps, you may not be fully aware of how best to use your blog to your advantage or maybe you are running out of ideas as to what to post. Here are five ideas to help you with improve your blog and attract more readers.

Local Restaurants

Everyone likes to read about the various restaurants in their locale. Try picking five of your favorites or five of the top-rated restaurants in your area. Write a review, discuss their menus, what you like about them or any other pertinent details. Add links to their websites or online menus. If you have a Facebook page, why not get your tenants and other local businesses to add to the list? The more, the merrier certainly applies here!

Housing Trends

This is an excellent place to talk about local housing trends, are prices going up, on the way down, holding steady. How are rents in the area being affected, let your readership know you have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your community. This helps you to build a certain level of trust with potential clients in the future.

Local Activities

Why not create a list of seasonal activities in your area? This gives you at least four guaranteed blogs each year to highlight each season. Talk about festivals, carnivals, farmer’s markets, bazaars, take lots of pictures and add them to your blog posts, social media pages, etc. The idea is to showcase your local community and let others see how much fun they can have living here.

Bringing Home the Technology

If you are introducing new technology or planning to in the near future, that will make things easier for your tenants, write about it. This could include things like access to online rent payment, a virtual property management system, or adding an online forum for your tenants and prospective tenants to connect with you 24/7. Talking about the many benefits of incorporating these technologies into your property management company is going to make life easier for everyone.

Property Beautification

This subject offers you a virtually endless range of topics. You can cover interior design, decoration (within the limits of what your leases allow), latest fashions and trends, even cover specific seasonal decoration ideas. Host competitions for best windows for a particular holiday or if you specialize in single-family homes, best yard decorations. Offer prizes for the winners like the publication of pictures of the winning tenant and their work, maybe gift certificates to a local coffee house, or store for the winners and the runners-up.

The more things you do to keep your tenants involved and engaged, the more likely your chances of retaining the type of tenant who is going to stay for a long time and take care of your rental property!