Are You Making the Most Out of Social Media?

Do you have a website for your property management business? Does it seem to be very reclusive and hard to find or is your website social and well-connected? In today’s market, you need to put your website out into the world where it gets noticed. This means making the most of the many different types of social media services out there. Once you are properly connected in the social media world, you will be amazed at how much business you will have.

Choose Where You Will Be Active

If working within social media is still relatively new to you or you are not sure what your next step should be, you need to take a good look at what types of social media your customers tend to use. Then you have to look at which of them is truly suitable for use to market your business. Consider how many of these you think you can successfully manage.

Do Your Research

If you want people to find your website, you need to have interesting content for your customers to read. This content must be properly optimized using carefully researched keywords. If you don’t know how to do your own keyword research, it will pay you to hire someone to do the research for you.  Make sure the content you put on your website and social media provide useful information for your customers.

Keep the Content Fresh

No matter what type of social media services you plan to use, you need to make sure you keep the content fresh and on topic. No one wants to be constantly hammered with same ads or content day after day, they want variety. Try using your social media to ask your tenants questions, answer theirs, share content from others, include links to sites with useful information. Even share information about your newest properties and any planned changes. Keep it fresh, keep it exciting.

Just Push that Button

No matter where your visitors come from, a social media site, a web search, or a recommendation, you need them to share what they have found. Be sure that every page of your website an all of your social media comments etc. have very prominent social media share buttons. This way your visitors can easily share your content with others very easily.

Join the Community

If you are a property manager, chances are good that you manage a number of properties in the same communities. This means you need to become a part of every community in which you have homes. The same could be said of your social media, it is part of a community, one that you need to become actively involved in. Think about Facebook groups in these areas, local Twitter feeds, even local online communities.

The more active you can be in the local communities and in the social media aspect of being a part of these communities, the more they can help you to be more successful as a property manager or landlord.