Are You Stuck in the Past and Still Giving On-Site Tours of Your Rental Properties?

When it comes to decisions, choosing the right rental home for you and your family is one of the hardest you are likely to ever have to make. This applies to those who come to you in search of their next home. The whole process can be lengthy, so if there is anything you can do as a rental property manager to speed this process along, you are already one step ahead of the pack.

No One Has Time for That Anymore

There was a time when the only way to show a rental property to potential tenants, was to have them meet you at the property and do a complete walk through. If this is still the only method you are using, you are way behind the times. No one has time for that anymore! You need to get with the times. We are talking about going further than a few photographs posted on your company website. Even this has become somewhat, “old-school” in the grand scheme of things.

So, what are we talking about? The 21st Century had finally arrived in the rental property management market. There are literally dozens of different virtual reality headsets on the market ranging from bargain basement prices all the way up to units you can spend hundreds of dollars on.

Your Turn to Make Technology Work for You

You can create your own virtual reality video tours using nothing more than a smartphone with a good camera attachment like the Insta360. Once you have completed your walk through video of the property, all you have to do is upload it to your YouTube 360 account and post the link on the website listing.

While quality videos are not that hard to shoot, you don’t need to make an MGM production. The video simply needs to show prospective tenants the home just as they would see itif they were in the home. As you walk through shooting the video, be sure to talk about what they are seeing. Point out any special features, talk about the view from the windows, cover essential information such as average utility bills, how close the schools are, and of course local amenities.

What They See

Once the viewer dons their VR headset, they will see exactly what you saw as you walked through the home. They will hear your commentary as well. If you are “showing” a single-family home, be sure to show them the yard, the garage, and any other fixtures such as sheds, gardens, ponds, etc.

Remember, the video you are shooting is intended to take the place of an in-person tour. Make sure you cover everything, even if you don’t think it is that important. Finally, make it personable, make the viewer feel as though they are already moved in and ready to start living in their new home. Isn’t it time you made the move into the 21st Century with your marketing strategy?