Bring Your Home Alive with a Range of Accent and Area Rugs

If you have been trying to find a relatively easy and inexpensive way to add a touch of color to the rooms in your house, why not start with a good solid foundation? No, we are not talking about concrete or wood here, we are talking about adding a rug to the room in question.

The Right Floor Covering

The right floor covering can be the perfect solution to your current decorating dilemma and can be a great way to add a splash of color to practically any room. Whether you choose a simple traditional accent rug or use carpet blocks, this is a great way to upgrade the aesthetics of the room and at the same time make it more comfortable.

According to Dorothy Willets, an Indio-based designer working throughout the Southern California area, “A fantastic area rug can make a room come alive. Whether they’re handwoven or knotted pile, made from wools, silks or cottons, rugs bring in color and texture and can define the mood of the room it anchors, simply by lying about on your floor.”

Area rugs can add a significant touch of color as well as tactile comfort, while at the same time adding plenty of support for the rest of the colors in the room. Willets says she uses them all the time and often puts several on top of each other to make them really stand out.

More Than Functional

Area rugs have far more than just simple color to add to any room, they are quite functional as well. Rugs can help cushion hardwood floors and assist with the acoustics of the room. When you start looking at buying rugs, consider the colors of the particular room as well as the furnishings in it. Willets says they are using copies of antique rugs as well as new carpets that have been designed to have an antique look to them.

Purpose and Design

Corrine Derusha of West Elm in L.A. says, ” Rugs have a lot of purpose and offer a lot of design opportunities for a space and in some cases provide the final touch to pull a room together. They are more of a complement piece. When I’m helping a client, we try to break it down into several pieces. We look at what they have and pick a floor plan: Is the room a more formal sitting area, is it a high-traffic area, are there children and pets in the house?”

So the next time you are considering how to spruce up the look of your home, consider area rugs. While you want to be respectful of your overall home décor design, you may find it pays to be somewhat fearless in your choices as this can add a whole new dimension to the overall effect. Be bold in your choice of colors and patterns, you just might be surprised at the final effect.