Connected Kitchens a Hot Trend

No matter what part of the house we are talking about, technology seems to be slowly creeping in. If you are planning to remodel any of your single-family rental units, you may want to think about adding a slew of the latest technology into your design. With Gen Z just hitting the rental market, technology has been a part of their lives from day one. They are the first generation born into a world with the internet, cell phones, a computer in virtually every home.

What Types of Technology are Hot?

Currently, items such a flat screen TVs, monitors built into refrigerator doors, WiFi enabled cameras that let you see what’s in your fridge while you are out shopping, so you get the things you need. More outlets, built in charging/docking stations, distributed audio, and more. Both Millennials and Gen Zers spend more time online networking, shopping, engaging in a plethora of streaming audio and video sites, the list goes on.

Many of both generations are starting to look for these things in the homes they plan to rent. While the various internet providers will provide the necessary modems and routers and most people now rely on WiFi, you may want to consider providing a centralized location where this equipment can be located to provide the best overall coverage. You may also want to run a hard line to rooms like the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms for better overall streaming of things like cooking shows.

Connectivity Can Even Save You Money

Modern appliances like stoves can notify your tenant if they leave the house without turning one of the burners off. Refrigerators not only send images of what’s inside but now they can send a notification if the temperature goes too high. This could lead to faster service calls and less cost replacing the contents of a fridge that has failed.

Insurance carriers have also started to take notice of the number of smart devices coming on the market. Some are starting to look at the possibility of offering discounts to homeowners who choose to implement these new technologies. It may that in the near future they start offering similar discounts to landlords and property management companies who choose to upgrade their homes to incorporate the latest smart technology.

More Than Money Saving

But, there is far more to incorporating the latest technologies into your rental unit kitchen, bathroom, and elsewhere inside the property. There is an entirely new generation of young adults hitting the rental market. If you want to attract members of Gen Z and Millennials who can afford to pay more for a better class of rental property, you need to have something to offer them.

In today’s age, this means ensuring your tenants can remain fully connected in their homes and then to be able to remain connected with their homes when they aren’t at home. We are on the cusp of yet another technological revolution as just about everything in our homes is on its way to becoming fully integrated and connected.