Do You Allow E-Cigarettes in Your Single-Family Rentals?

The use of e-cigarettes in the U.S. has increased dramatically over the past few years. Part of this massive increase in use can be attributed to them being advertised as a way to quit smoking tobacco. To be sure, those who use e-cigs or vapes can easily be spotted by the huge clouds of vapor that gather around them. They vape in public, they vape at their jobs, in their cars, and worst of all in your rental properties if you let them.

Are E-Cigs Safe?

Here is the big question with regard to e-cigarettes, “Are they truly safe?” The answer to this is that while these devices and the vapors they emit are not as safe as we were once led to believe. The reality is that these vapors can leave filmy residues on virtually every surface in your property. This leads to expensive cleaning bills and other forms of expensive damage.

In most cases, you should consider banning the use of any type of e-cigarette or vaping device in your rentals. This should be done at the same time and in the same section of your lease that bans the use of any type of tobacco product. This way there is no mistaking what you mean and that the use of these devices will simply not be permitted and will result in termination of the tenant’s lease.

Hazardous Chemicals

Not only do most vapors leave behind a film that is tough and very hard to remove, recent research has shown that many of the vaporizing solutions currently on the market contain many different chemicals. Many of these are known to cause a wide range of medical conditions as they are toxic to human beings.

The latest research from the FDA finds that vaporizing fluids contain hazardous chemicals such as nitrosamines, diethylene glycol, and of course nicotine that is not only bad for the lungs but also leaves a very thick yellowish stain on everything it touches. Other testing agencies have found chemicals like formaldehyde (used to preserve dead bodies) and benzene a known carcinogen.

The Risk of Fire

Over the past year, there have been a number of incidences in which the lithium ion batteries used in e-cigarettes and vapes have caught fire while in their chargers, leading to significant loss of property and expensive damage. These are the same types of problems, many other devices equipped with lithium-ion batteries have been experiencing such as laptops and cell phones.

Take a little time, do some research of your own and you will soon see there are many very valid reasons why you should ban the use of any type of e-cigarette or vaping device should not be allowed in your single or even multi-family units. Doing so now will save you a lot of money in the future in terms of cleaning, repairs, and possibly replacement. If you set out your policies in the lease documents so that your tenants know the rules up front, they will have no recourse if you should find them in violation of the lease using any type of vaporizing device.