Does Your Property Management Company Stand Out from the Crowd?

Are you attracting the type of property owners to your management company you want? If not, why not? Does your property management company stand out from the crowd? If you want your business to grow, you need to make your community see you as the only property management company to go to. It’s not as hard as you might think, but without paying attention to certain aspects of your business, your business can easily fade into the background.

Be Unique – Failure to Conform is Acceptable

With so many property management companies out there offering the same old same old when it comes to the services they offer; most property owners just shop for price. Not a great way to hire a service that is going to take care of your investment property, is it? If you truly want your company to stand out, be ready to offer a range of services none of the others have to offer.

Services by the Hour

There are many different services you can offer by the hour to potential clients. It’s a great way to let them “try before they buy” your services to see if the two of you are a perfect match.

Shopping Lists

Help your clients in their search for more rental investment properties by creating lists that are custom tailored to each of your clients.

Enhanced Maintenance

Consider offering enhanced maintenance services including 24-hour coverage, offering high-end and high-maintenance services (areas where many management companies won’t go).

Make the Most of the Web

Your clients rely on you to keep their property management companies to keep their properties filled continuously. They know that when their properties are empty, there isn’t any positive cash flow. This is your chance to really shine for your current clients and to attract the type of new clients you are interested in.

Making the Web Work for You

The internet has taken the property rental market to a new level. Where once you had to advertise in dozens of newspapers at a high cost to market your clients’ property, your website can help you reach millions of people around the world.

Using the right tools, you can upload photographs, detailed information, and walk-through videos to the web where they can be quickly and easily accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world who is looking for this type of property.

These same tools are used in the real estate market and have helped to significantly increase the speed of sales and the final selling price of properties around the world. Using the web allows you to upload multiple images of each property rather than the single image allowed in a newspaper. More recently, the video virtual tour lets potential clients visit the property with you see it from a “bird’s eye” view allowing you to highlight key selling points.

Offering services such as these are all great ways to help your property management company stand out from the crowd and to bring in the type of clients you are most interested in.