DWP Rebates

You always want to save some bucks on your common property expenses and it is your right to think about it for sure. With the little amount you will save, you can apply that to a number of other things that will help you. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) offers you the Residential Money Saving Rebates and Programs. This time of the year, you are awarded such an opportunity to 1) have some relief on some of your expenses and billings, 2) get a chance to save a huge amount collectively if you choose wisely, and 3) make the right decision as well.

Most importantly these rebates and programs are offered for the residential consumers. Under these Residential Money Saving Rebates and Programs, the consumers save additional money in order to invest and upgrade their appliances. With more efficient appliances you could get rid of old, bulky, inefficient, and higher power consuming appliances.

Considering the future predictions about water and power, it is important for us to think about more savings on both of them. In the near future, we need to give the next generations a better path by adopting some more savings and better strategies. The rebates and programs are introduced under the same agenda so the consumers will have a healthy and efficient lifestyle and the people will have a better future ahead.

Wide range of products

The Residential Money Saving Rebates and Programs by the LADWP not only give you the opportunity to save money, water and power but it also offers you a wide range of products. These products will help you to have additional savings at your home. You can check out the many available products and categories from home appliances, to windows, to interior appliances and much more.


In the category of appliances, you will have all kinds of appliances that you can choose from in order to save power, money, and water. Some key appliances included refrigerators, dryers, LED and much more.

Heating and Cooling

There are house fans, air conditioners and heaters offered to you that are designed with power efficiency and environmentally friendly.

Pool Pumps

You can also upgrade your pool pumps with a more efficient. You could have variety of pool products that will help you to save.

Landscaping and irrigation

For your landscaping and irrigation needs, consider upgrading your garden to have the most efficient equipment and setups that will make your home a perfect home.

Outdoor products:

For your convenience and ease, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has separated the appliances into outdoor and indoor products. Below is sample of some things available to you and what you can save:

  • Variable Speed Pool Pump—Up to $1,000 rebate (Watch KTLA Pool Pump News Story)
  • Cash-in-Your Lawn—$1.75 per square foot rebate
  • Rain Barrel—$100 rebate
  • Rain Cistern—$400 rebate
  • Weather-Based Irrigation Controller—$200 rebate
  • Rotating Sprinkler Heads—$6.00 per head rebate

Indoor Products:

You can simply select from a range of indoor products to make your home more efficient and power saving as follows:

  • Heating or Air Conditioning System—Up to $120 per ton rebate
  • Lighting—$2.50 per bulb rebate
  • Television—Up to $25 rebate
  • Refrigerator—Up to $75 rebate
  • Clothes Washer—$300 rebate
  • Toilet—$100 rebate
  • Free Faucet Aerators—Save $100s per year off your utility bill

This will be a great step towards a better tomorrow by not just saving money but installing more environmentally efficient products!  Visit the department of water and power website for additional information.