Former Landfill in West Covina Could Become Site of New Amusement Park

From trash to trains and roller coasters, and the midway, etc. Imagine taking the site of the former BKK Landfill and turning it into a brand new amusement park. This is what has been proposed in an exclusive agreement that has been negotiated between the West Covina City Council and Singpoli Group LLC, who are the current owners of part of the property. The city currently owns 122 acres of the proposed site and would lease the rest from Singpoli LLC.

Once approval has been given, Kin Hui, CEO and President of Singpoli LLC stated that he hopes the new project that is expected to cover up to 200 acres will be completed and ready to go within just a few short years. Hui had this to say, ” I believe when this beautiful park is completed it will attract tourists from all over the Americas and Asia and other parts of the world. This will give West Covina a prominent place on the world map.”

Envision if You Will a Vast Entertainment Complex

According to City Manager Chris Freeland, plans for the new amusement park envision an ultra-modern entertainment complex that would include rides, zip lines, and the very latest in fully interactive virtual reality attractions. Freeland said that ” We want something that is totally unique to the area. We’re looking for something that will put us on the map and generate revenue for the city. There are also possibilities for hotels and restaurants. This could be a regional spinoff.”

Freeland went on to say, ” When the property is sold the revenue will be divided up between the city and other local taxing entities, including school districts and the county of Los Angeles. Singpoli will have 90 days to look at the site and come up with a vision as to how they want to develop the land. If the council likes what it sees, that could be extended for an additional 90 days for further due diligence.”

If everything goes according to plan, the city will soon be in a position to negotiate the sale of the property and then put together a development agreement with Hui and Singpoli LLC so that the project could move forward to the next stage. This stage will include a number of community meetings to discuss the proposal as well as environmental impact studies.

Industry Experts Have Their Say

Phil Lempert, who is an expert in the field of consumer behavior and marketing trends thinks that Singpoli LLC might very well be onto something with this concept. He had this to say about the proposed project, ” If you look at Generation Z — those people who are now between 5 and 20 years old — that kind of experience is very important to them because they are the first-ever fully digital generation. Millennials touched on it, but Generation Z grew up to embrace it. If they create an amusement park that’s based on virtual reality and artificial intelligence versus Ferris wheels and roller coasters, I think it could have legs.”

So with all of this in mind, it seems as though West Covina might just be the site of one of the most technologically advanced amusement parks in the area, if not the country within a few years.