Four Tips to Help You Create Better Listings

When your real estate rental listing seems to be one that is getting lost among the countless others, you’ll be lucky for it to get a few hits, let alone enough to find the right tenant. Yet there are those listings that barely seem to hit the listings before they are gone. Writing a successful rental property listing is not something that comes naturally to most of us, it takes hard work and more than a little creativity. Here are four tips to help you create more effective listings.

1. Avoid the Oversell

It is all too easy to go for the oversell in your listings, go on and on about the features, use CAPS in an attempt to highlight what you think are important points and of course endless lines of exclamation points!!!

The problem with all of this is that all of this tends to make people skip your ads as all they see is someone trying to push a little too hard to rent their property. This may tend to drive people away rather than draw them in. Instead,try being open and honest without going overboard, prospective tenants are far more likely to respond to this type of listing.

2. Keep Your Listing Clear & Concise

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to go crazy with your use of real estate lingo; mostpeople don’t understand it. A perfect example of it would be: “4b/2b,” which should instead be written out as 4-bedroom 2-bathroom. Keep the shorthand to a minimum say what you need to say in a clear & concise manner. Eighty-six the big words, the realtor jargon, and use simple, cheery words that convey what needs to be said in a way that anyone can understand.

3. Use Professional Quality Photographs

When it comes to looking at online listings, people tend to spend more time looking at the photographs and video tours of the property rather than what you have written. If your photography and videography skills, go ahead and hire a professional to do the job for you. If you are going to do them yourself, you need a quality camera. Your pictures should highlight the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and any other special features.

4. The Selling Price Shouldn’t Be a Secret

You should never ask your prospective tenants to fill out anything just to see what your rental price is. This is a great way to drive prospective tenants away in many cases while at the same time will also serve to drive more people away when the rent is higher than they expected. After all, what’s the big secret anyway?

If your listing has great photos, a video tour, all the right words, the only thing left is to put the monthly rent on the listing in black and white. This way people will know exactly what to expect before contacting you.  Not only will this save them a lot of time, but it will save you far more time than you could possibly imagine.

Spending a little more time crafting your listings before you post them can help significantly reduce the amount of time your rentals stay emptyand can help you maximize the rents you can successfully ask for.