Funding Your First Investment Property

Purchasing investment properties can be an excellent investment to build a stable financial future and retirement when the time comes. However, there seems to be a huge myth out there that goes along the line of you must have a lot of money to get started. But is this really how it works, or can you get started for little or no money and work your way up? The reality is, if you do things the right way, starting out with a few thousand dollars can lead to the future you seek.

Focus on the Upswing

Starting out a the low-budget end of the market might mean buying property that requires long-distance management or hiring a local property manager, but it will still bring in the money you need. As the money begins to come in, you can use it to invest in nicer properties in better areas. The cycle can continue until you finally reach the level of investment needed to provide a secure financial future.

Think Bigger

Far too many young people who would like to become investors say they just don’t have sufficient money to invest in properties. What they are trying to say, is that they don’t have enough cash money. This is no surprise, there aren’t many people out there who can lay their hands on this type of cash.

Now for the important part, you don’t need to have a vault full of cash to buy investment properties. What you do need, is the ability to think about your investment property on a bigger scale. The average investor goes to a bank or other lender to take out a loan to buy their investment property.

Private Mortgages and Investment Loans Are Not the Same

Keep in mind, borrowing money to buy and investment property is far different from taking out a mortgage for your own home. Many of those who seek a private mortgage are not really in a good financial position to become homeowners. This means they end up paying higher interest rates and very little negotiation room.

When you talk to your lender about buying an investment property, most lenders will see you as some who is financially stable and more responsible. You could easily end up having multiple lenders making offers. They see the investment property as the way you will generate the income to cover the payments.

Raising Your Own Cash

If you really don’t want to take out a loan or cannot find a lender, there is one more option for you to consider. If you are a homeowner and have equity in your home, you can take out a home equity loan. Take a look at your assets, do you have a vehicle you don’t really need, stocks, bonds, jewelry, anything you can sell to raise cash money? Remember, you can always replace material items later when your investment properties are bringing you the rewards of your labors. Time to think outside the box and start investing in your future!