Give Your Backyard a Makeover

It seems that more and more outside spaces like backyards and decks are starting to look more like the inside than ever. With spring just around the corner, perhaps it is time for you to start thinking about giving your backyard a makeover. The modern backyard sports comfortable seating that has soft cushions and plenty of throw pillars, carpets, accent lighting, and an outdoor kitchen that rivals many found inside homes in the San Gabriel area.

Stores are Thinking Summer Already

The first day of spring is March 20th this year, but you would think summer was already here if you drop by your local department store or discount builder supply store. Most of these stores already have a selection of outdoor furniture and gas grills on display and ready to be used. Some never bother putting these items away anymore here in Southern California as most winters simply aren’t that cold.

But what if you don’t want a cookie-cutter backyard? What if you want something a little more customized than the one your neighbor has? There are a number of places that specialize in building custom outdoor kitchens that can be used to create a complete outdoor experience.

Start with a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Comfy seats, gazebos, and the like are only one part of the package. For most people, the most important part of the package is the outdoor kitchen. Many will invest more in their outdoor kitchen than they did in the one in their kitchen. For years cooking outside meant little more than firing up the charcoal or gas grill and cooking some form of meat.

Today this is no longer the case as for many cooking outside involves creating amazing gourmet meals. This means having a lot more than a simple gas grill to work with. Today’s outdoor kitchen starts with a gas grille and adds features such as an outdoor oven that can do as much as the one in your kitchen. Add in a wet bar and of course a refrigerator to keep your foods cold until needed and you are well on your way.

But wait, there’s more. Your outdoor kitchen needs a roof that can be pulled over it when the rains are falling and left open to let the sun shine in. Some well-placed LED lights so that you can entertain at night and a wine chiller or beer keg cooler and the party is almost ready to happen. A sink with hot and cold running water has become a standard feature, but many are now adding in a chiller that can be used to keep your condiments and drink garnishes cold.

Summer is Coming

Summer is truly just around the corner, you may find if you wait too long custom outdoor kitchen designers and builders are already going to be booked up. If you are interested in giving your backyard a makeover, you should probably reach out to one or more of these services now to start working on the design or you just might miss out.