Holiday Fire Safety Tips

From our friends at Title365 at…please find the following holiday fire safety tips:

Thanksgiving will be here before you, and with it, the increased risk of home and apartment structure fires until winter is over.

And we’re not just being dramatic: in 2013, there were 98,000 reported apartment fires, which injured about 3,900 people, according to data from the National Fire Prevention Association. Furthermore, each year between 2007 and 2011, there were about 15,000 high rise fires (which result in more than $200 million in property damages annually). And, with the increase of use in fireplaces, twinkling lights, and burned turkeys, the holidays are particularly dangerous.

The numbers are scary, but the good news is that just a few preventative safety steps can protect you and your residents throughout the season.

Here are a few of the biggest fire risks every holiday season:

  • Turkey cooking: Every year, there are 5,200 Thanksgiving fires. Now is the time to make sure every resident has a working fire extinguishers, and check to be sure. Send out flyers ahead of the holidays reminding residents of kitchen fire prevention.
  • Lighting: Remind residents that light strands should be limited to 3 sets linked together at a time (unless the manufacturer’s instruction say differently). Wires on electric lights should never be warm to the touch, and Menorahs should be kept away from drapery (even the electric ones).
  • Space heaters: They should be kept at least three feet from anything remotely flammable, and should never be left unattended.
  • Fireplaces: All chimneys and fireplaces should be inspected and cleaned by certified contractors.
  • Christmas trees: Trees shouldn’t be set up near heat sources, and needles should be green and difficult to pull off. To prevent fires after the holidays, consider arranging a pickup service to remove trees after Christmas/New Year’s Day.

It’s important to remind everyone of these safety precautions and take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe every year. So, while you’re roasting chestnuts (or marshmallows with the kids), you won’t have to worry about fire safety because your family is prepared.