Hot Trends in Southern California Interior Design

Whether you are looking to stay in your home, seeking to sell it for the highest possible price, or searching for a new home, knowing what the latest trends in interior design and décor are can make a big difference. Interior design trends come and go on a seemingly endless basis. To some these changes might seem a bit on the ridiculous side, but at the same time, if the interior of your home seems as though it came out of the ark, it might be time for a bit of an update. This is especially true if you are planning to put your house on the market in the near future. Here then are some of the latest trends in interior design in Southern California.

Black Stainless Steel Appliances

For years the brushed stainless steel look has been extremely popular across the country, but like any other color when it comes to kitchen appliances, this too has begun to change. The gleaming look of stainless steel is now being replaced by the sleek look of black stainless steel. Not only will shiny black transform the look of your kitchen, but it doesn’t show fingerprints thanks in part to the finish coating.

Back to the Dining Room

For years, families have gotten away from having formal dinners in the family dining room by eating in front of their computers or the television. This has led to families becoming more distant and disconnected, it has turned the dining room into office space or worse yet a room where no one ever really goes. More homeowners than ever are now turning these spaces back into formal dining rooms where families can once again gather for at least one meal per day. Having a true formal dining room can add significant value and appeal to your home.

Taking Back Your Living Room

While there is no doubt that we are all permanently locked into the high tech world and are not likely to give up, more families are removing all forms of technology from their living rooms. Instead, many are turning to creating a media room for the big screen TV and computers. There is nothing quite like the look of a wide open living room space that is devoid of all signs of technology. This type of room creates the perfect place for family gatherings.

De-Clutter Your Bathroom

It seems that over the years our bathrooms have become more and more cluttered. The current trend is to get rid of all the clutter and reclaim your bathroom. Instead of endless clutter, why not create some living space in your bathroom. This might give you room for a comfortable chair and a small table. Spruce up the area with a vase of fresh flowers, add a painting or two to the walls, make your bathroom somewhere people might want to spend time in, somewhere more inviting, instead of simply somewhere to use the toilet or take a shower. Bidets are also rapidly gaining popularity here in the U.S. after being a standard fixture in other parts of the world.

It doesn’t take much to spruce up your house and follow some of the latest interior design trends. However, you will find that not only does doing so make your house more enjoyable to live in, it will also help to increase its resale value when the time comes to sell.