Mosquito-Free Homes Prove Valuable to Property Managers

Nothing can make spending time outside this time of year less pleasant than being attacked by one or more of the 26 different varieties of these noisome insects that call San Diego home. If you can offer prospective tenants a mosquito-free home, it can become a huge selling point. You can achieve this goal with effective mosquito management and by educating your tenants on the various forms of mosquito control.

Backpack Foggers

One of the more effective forms of mosquito management you can employ and one that will relieve your tenants of the bulk of the responsibility is through the use of backpack foggers or mist blowers. These devices look similar to backpack leaf blowers and can be used by the operator to apply the fog in concentrated areas.

This allows the operator to get deep into the ground foliage where mosquitoes tend to make their homes. The use of this type of fogger is a great way to supplement larger applications such as truck foggers. These devices allow the operator to reach areas that have long been considered inaccessible and thus become a breeding ground.

These devices are lightweight in design and easy enough to operate, you can equip your maintenance staff with them. They can be used to provide year-round protection, further reducing the number of mosquitoes on your properties and keeping them from coming back. While you and your maintenance staff can do everything in your power to get rid of these pesky bugs, your tenants must also be doing their part.

Educate Your Tenants

There are any number of steps your tenants can take to help curb the number of mosquitoes as well. Most of which are common sense, but perhaps putting together a flyer that could be included in their lease that covers the more common solutions and some of the lesser known ones as well.

Your list should include:

  1. Dispose of or destroy any containers outside such as empty flower pots and pet bowls.
  2. Keep the water in your pet’s bowls changed every couple of days.
  3. For single family homes, keep gutters clear, look for standing water in puddles and find a way to eliminate them permanently.
  4. Change water in any birdbaths frequently. If there are ornamental ponds on the property, stock them with top-feeding predacious minnows. You should be able to find them in fish stores under the name Mosquito Fish.
  5. If your property has any ditches, swampy areas, or tree stumps, they need to be filled or removed as they are perfect breeding grounds for most species of mosquito.
  6. If your tenant has a boat, an RV, or anything else covered in tarps, be sure the tarp is arranged in such a way as to drain.
  7. Arrange sprinklers in such a way as to avoid creating standing water puddles that can last for several days. Keep in mind it only takes 10 to 14 days for a mosquito egg to hatch and the new mosquito can live for up to 56 days.

By doing your part to eliminate mosquitoes on your rental properties and providing your tenants with educational material, you may find your waiting list of prospective tenants grows exponentially.