Our management team brings decades of combined experience to each task. No detail is too small for our attention.  By employing only a few select professionals, our clients realize considerable savings in staffing and operating expenses.  While other property managers may try to reduce their expenses by putting needed maintenance off, we understand that deferring maintenance adds future cost. We recognize the importance of pro-active services such as maintenance contracts, monthly service reports, property inspections and tenant feedback.


Of all the duties property owners assume, few are more stressful than an eviction. At MM, this issue is never a concern for our clients as we facilitate the complete process from start to finish. Our experienced staff has performed large number of move-outs and is experienced in expediting the process so we can move forward in our marketing and leasing efforts!


As technology continues to advance, the common business practices used throughout the 20th century will soon be obsolete.  In order to stay competitive in a fast paced technological market it is extremely important to be coupled with a management team that effectively utilizes current advances in technology to the owner’s advantage.  New age processes are here and MM focuses on being a leader in what we refer to as “Advanced Property Management” (APM).  Our technological advances include:

  • Automated Accounts
  • Automated Regulations and Updating
  • Computerized Tracking of Systems
  • Online Billing
  • Online Owner Accounts with Access to All documentation to date
  • Online Rent Payments
  • Online Service Requests
  • Secured Web Portals for Clients
  • Social Media Affiliations
  • Web Accessible Interface
  • …and much more

In addition, MM’s commitment to leadership requires team members to continually enhance their skills through education and industry associations.  Our team members have extensive experience and proven track record in managing complex projects and bringing them to a completion on time and budget.