Spring Cleaning Time is Here

Spring is finally here, which of course means it’s time for spring cleaning. Along with tidying up the inside of your home, several critical things need your attention at this time of year. Whether you are planning to sell your home or not, here are ten essential maintenance tasks you should be taking care of this spring.

  1. Clean those gutters– This is an excellent time to clean all the debris and leaves out of your gutters. While you are at it use a garden hose to check them for any signs of leakage and make the necessary repairs.
  2. Clean your siding– Use a power washer to clean vinyl siding, not only will this make it look better but it will prevent mold from growing. If you don’t own a pressure washer, they aren’t that expensive to rent. If you have wood siding, now is a good time to go over it and touch it up.
  3. Door and Window Screens– Go around your entire house looking at both window and door screens looking for holes or signs of damage. Replace any damaged screens and while you are at it, wash the windows inside and out.
  4. The Hot Water Heater– This is an excellent time to call in a professional to service your water heater. A properly serviced water heater is more efficient, which will help keep your utility bills down.
  5. The Roof– Spring is an excellent time to have your roof inspected and have any loose or missing shingles/tiles replaced. To reduce the risk of leaks when spring rains are heavy.

6.The Porch or Deck– Take a good look at your porch or deck. If there are damaged or missing boards, replace them. If it needs to be re-stained or weather treated, get it done. If there are loose railings, be sure to secure them firmly in place.

  1. The Sprinkler System– If your home has an automatic lawn sprinkler system, it’s time to check and make sure everything works. If you have any broken sprinkler heads or valves that don’t work, get them replaced.
  2. The Landscaping– If you are selling your home, fantastic curb appeal is vital as first impressions go a long way towards making the sale. Start by cleaning up any dead leaves, weed the gardens and trim back any bushes. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to plant a few colorful flowers as most people love seeing a splash of color when they pull up to the house. Even if you aren’t selling you still need to clean up your yard after the long winter.
  3. A Solid Foundation– This is a good time of year to check the foundation of your home for signs of cracking or any other problems. If you see problems, call a professional foundation service to make the necessary repairs. Foundation cracks are something buyers look for, and even if you are not selling, they can lead to severe damage as they worsen.
  4. The Bathrooms– Look for missing caulking around the tub and shower, don’t forget the sinks too! If it is discolored, missing, or shows signs of mold, remove it and re-caulk. No one wants to look at “gross” caulking, and if you are selling, this is a significant detractor. It doesn’t cost much to make this type of repair, but it could make a substantial difference in your final selling price.

Spring cleaning like this doesn’t take long, but you might be surprised at how much nicer it will make your home and the difference in how much you are likely to get if you are selling can be significant.