Taking Photographs of Your Rental Properties

When the average rental prospect is searching for their next home, statistics show that they spend approximately 5 seconds looking at a listing before decided to look closer or move on. With this in mind, it is vital that you create listings that are going to stand out from the crowd. According to the rental industry, listings that include images receive far more views than those that have none. In a report issued by Social Media Today, listings with photographs receive approximately 94% more views than those without.

Points to Ponder

Before you whip out your smartphone or camera and start snapping away, there are few points you need to consider. For example, should you photograph the rental unit empty or would you have more success staging? Bear in mind that shooting an empty room typically makes it look smaller than it is, but at the same time to much clutter can do the same. However, if you are going to shoot an empty rental unit, be sure to focus on the unit’s best features.

These features may include new appliances, hardwood floors, any area that has been recently remodeled. If your unit has a patio or balcony, be sure to include pictures of these features as well. This will help potential renters an idea of what the view from their new home looks like.

What if Your Property is Still Occupied?

Chances are good that you are putting together the advertising for your rental unit while the current tenants are still living in it. This is your golden opportunity to take photos of your rental unit others can use to visualize what it might look like after they have moved in. If you have a tenant who is not too sure about allowing you to take photographs, consider sweetening the deal with a free visit from a local cleaning service, this way both of you stand to benefit.

Finally, consider the quality of the photos you plan to use in your advertising. If you have a good quality camera in your smartphone, it may work well. But not all smartphones are capable of the level of quality you need to create a successful listing. If you want the finest quality images, you may want to consider hiring a professional photography service to do the job. They have the lighting, the cameras, and the experience to create images that will save you time and help generate the leads you need to keep your rental units filled.

A Video Walk-Through

Imagine if your prospective tenants could walk through your units without actually having to be there. Thanks to online services such as Instagram and YouTube, you can now post walk-through videos online for everyone to see. Doing this will allow prospective renters an opportunity to see the home and become far more intimately acquainted with it from the comfort of their living room.

Both photographs and video are among the most important tools in your rental listing arsenal. Be sure are making proper use of them and you may be surprised at just how much difference they will make to your success.