The War Rages On – Time for the Fall Pest Invasion

You may not realize it, but you are sitting in the middle of a battleground. Every day of the year, your home is being attacked by crawling insects who are trying to scale your walls, flying insects turning your window sills into landing strips, and a dearth of wild critters patrolling your perimeters in search of a weak spot from which to launch their assault. This battle has been going on since the beginning of time and with fall on the way is only going to intensify as pests seek out warmer regions for the long winter.

Although you might not be blamed for thinking of this annual assault as targeting just your home, you shouldn’t take it so personally. The pests are not actually targeting you, they are simply doing what Mother Nature programmed them to do, seek out a warm place to spend the winter. Consider your home as the bug equivalent of checking into Palm Springs for the winter months.

However, if you want to keep the assaulting hordes at bay, you should be prepared to reinforce your defenses in much the same way as an army general does for his troops. This is a good time to conduct a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home armed with a freshly loaded caulking gun looking for holes, weak spots, anywhere a pest or rodent might find their way in and then take whatever countermeasures are necessary to prevent them from succeeding.

Filling the Holes

One of the best ways to keep bugs and many other pests from breaching your defenses is to seal up all of the holes, cracks, and gaps. During your thorough inspection of the exterior of your home, use your caulking gun to seal every joint, hole, crack, or gap you find. This is also a good time to check the screens on your windows for holes and have any that are damaged replaced or repaired. You can also use window screening as a way to cover your chimney top and any vents.

Watch Your Flank

In this case, we are talking about your roof. Bear in mind that carefully sealed walls are not going to stop all insects from getting in. There are many insects that will quite happily scale your walls all the way to the top. This the time to trim back any tree branches that hang over your roof, giving bugs a perfect place to drop in from. Downspouts should be covered with mesh screen and have any area where rodents could possibly chew through reinforced.

Taking the Right Countermeasures

In days of old, when knights were bold, castles repelled invaders with boiling oil poured over the ramparts. For you, the best countermeasures include the judicious application of quality insectoids in the right spots around your home will help to repel a wide range of invading armies. It’s time for you to rally the troops and take action before the invading hordes have a chance to gain their fall foothold in your home.