Tips for Keeping Your Home Looking Nice on the Outside

If you are ready to successfully sell your Pasadena home for the highest possible price, you will find that those in the area who have already done so have a secret. Okay, so, in reality, it’s not that much of a secret, it is simply that you need to take the time to make sure your home looks inviting from the moment a potential buyer pulls up to the curb. The best way to get started on this project is to walk down to the end of your driveway or out to the sidewalk and take a good look at your home. Bear in mind what you are seeing is the exact same thing that any potential buyer sees when they pull up.

Start with the Most Common Areas

While your home may be your castle and you have a right to maintain it your way, if you have not been taking good care of the outside, you could find the resale value to be significantly less than you desire. Buyers in the Pasadena area who are in the market for a home expect the homes they are looking at to be nothing less than the best. When your home has peeling paint, loose or missing gutters, or shingles that are cracked, aging, or missing, this is not going to give potential buyers a great first impression.

Not only do buyers look closely at these problems, but you are likely to find that many lenders now tend to look at them unfavorably as they consider whether they should offer to finance. In fact, many lenders now make having any of these issues repaired a condition of them being able to offer a loan on any Pasadena area home.

A Worthy Investment

If you are like most sellers, you probably need to get as much money as possible out of the sale of your home. However, when it comes to selling a home, you may find you have to spend money to make money. Projects such as replacing a cracked window, having the exterior walls and trim painted, even replacing the roof may cost a fair amount of money. But, when you stop to consider how much doing this can add not only to the final selling price of your home but also to how quickly it is likely to sell, you will find the investment to be well worthwhile.

One important thing to remember is that if you don’t keep up on the repairs, they may end up costing you a lot more when the time comes to sell your home. First, they are going to cost you in terms of being required to complete them in order for the buyer to secure financing. Second, even if you do complete them as part of the sale agreement, you may still end up getting far less than your original asking price for your home. Take the time now to look at your home from the curb and make sure it looks appealing before you place it up for sale, you will be glad you did.