Two Tips to Help You Get the Most of Your Home When Selling It

When you go to sell your home, it’s only natural for you to want to realize maximum financial gain from the sale. However, the big question is what can you do to guarantee you are going to get the most money for the property? Here are two key tips you can use to ensure your home sells for the highest price.

  1. Set Your Asking Price a Little on the Low Side

“Wait, did you tell me I should price my home below its current market value?” Thismight seem to be counterintuitive to what you are trying to achieve, but let’s take a look at this for a moment before you get too carried away. It’s common for most homeowners to start out setting their asking price too high at. First, the thought being that this gives them room to renegotiate. However, the reality is something quitedifferent.

When you “overprice” your home, it puts a significant damper on the number of potential buyers who are likely to look at let alone make an offer on your house. By lowering the price to a point just under market value ensures there will be numerous buyers looking at bidding on your home. By the time the bidding war ends and the dust settles, the oddsare good the final selling price will actuallybe above not only your lowered initial asking pricebut also above actual market value.

  1. Be Sure You Use A Professional Real Estate Expert

Here again,the idea of paying a real estate professional might seem counterintuitive to makingthe most money possible out of your home sale. After all, you have to pay their fees and commissions. It only stands to reason that if you want to make the most money, the last thing you should be doing is payinga real estate agent to sell your home, right?

Wrong! Studies have shown time and again that homes sold by owners sell for significantly less than those sold by a professional. When you hire a professionalrealtor, they have access to a wealth of knowledge and skills they have spent years mastering, along with access to marketing methods you cannot access.

These include the MLS network that allows your realtor to list your home on one site that all other realtors in the country can access. Thismeans that instead of just a handful of potential buyers, your listing is available to thousands. Speaking of listings, your agent has access to superior quality cameras, video equipment, and more to create the perfect listing for your home instead of a few blurry photos in the local newspaper.

In the End

With this mind, if you want to maximize the return on your investment, the best way to do so is to price it a little below its current market value and be sure to hire a realtor to help you sell it. Even though you have to pay commission to the realtor, by the time the bidding is over and the gavel falls, your home will have sold for the highest price possible.