Upgrade Your Bathroom and Increase the Value of Your Home

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom or bathrooms in your home are considered to be the most important rooms in your home. They are also a number of ways you can improve your bathrooms without having to spend a fortune to do so. Start out by taking a good look at each bathroom in your home, not as the owner of your house and someone who has lived there for a long period of time, but as someone who is interested in buying your home. While it may not be easy to take such an objective view of your home, this is the only way you are going to be able to see what needs to be done.

It’s the Little Things

When you take a few minutes to look at your bathroom through an objective eye, you might be surprised at the number of little and in most cases, relatively inexpensive things you can do to improve the looks and functionality of your bathrooms. For example, does your toilet seat slide around on the base, it is cracked or discolored? These things probably don’t bother you, but to many buyers, they can be a major turnoff. This is also something you can pick up at your local home improvement store and install by yourself in just a few minutes.

How about the sink and vanity? Anyone who can use an adjustable wrench can replace both of these in an afternoon. Pedestal sinks are even easier to replace. It may cost you a couple of hundred dollars or more for a new sink and vanity, but upgrades don’t have to be expensive, they just have to be effective if you want your house to shine.

Take a Bath in the Extra Cash

How does your shower stall or bathtub look? Is it dingy, are there cracked tiles, how does the grout look? You can improve their looks by re-grouting and replacing damaged tiles. Alternatively, there is a huge selection of prefabricated shower stalls and tubs with shower surrounds on the market at very reasonable prices. Some of the one-piece units may need to be installed by a professional, but you will find the added expense well worth it when you see how much this can add to the final selling price of your home.

What Are You Walking On?

Although this might seem a bit corny, the floor you are walking on can make a huge difference in how buyers see your home. If the floor looks old or discolored, it can significantly affect your home’s final selling price. An easy way to overcome this is to scrub the floor thoroughly and then apply new self-adhesive vinyl tiles over the top of the old floor. Alternatively, if you are comfortable working with vinyl sheets, you can cover the entire floor in a seamless single sheet right over the top of the old one and make your bathroom a room to be proud of.

As you can see, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time to improve the look of your bathroom(s). But at the same time, making this investment can make a big difference in the final selling price of your home.