Using Feng-Shui to Improve Your Odds of Selling Your Home

Feng-Shui has been practiced in China for far longer than most civilizations have had a written history. According to ancient writings, Feng-Shui is a manner of arranging your surroundings, in this case, the interior of your home, to improve and enhance the natural flow of life energy. Any realtor worth his or her salt is already aware of the importance of properly staging your home to improve the odds of selling it and doing so for the best possible price. However, more realtors are now starting to understand the value of using Feng-Shui as part of prepping homes for sale.

If you stop and think about it for a moment, every part of staging your home for potential buyers to view is in its own way a form of Feng-Shui up to and including removing all the clutter and adding a fresh coat of paint. Yet, if you were to consult an expert on Feng-Shui, he or she would most likely tell that this is only the beginning, there are certain extra steps you need to take to get the job done. Bear in mind you still need to have your house priced for the current market, employ the right marketing strategies, and most importantly of all have the right real estate agent on your side.

Create a Welcoming Environment

One of the first steps in creating your Feng-Shui home is to go through it and arrange the furniture in such a way as to be more welcoming to those coming into it for the first time. One method of accomplishing this is to arrange all of the furniture so that it faces towards the entry door. Think of this like walking into a room where everyone is standing with their backs towards you. Not very welcoming is it? Buyers who come into your home to face the backs of the furniture will get the same unwelcoming feeling and may not feel that the home is welcoming them in.

Improving the Flow

Another problem many Feng-Shui experts notice in homes is that poor traffic flow can have a major impact on how a potential buyer sees the home. You should arrange furnishings in such a manner as to not create a blockage or a tripping hazard to anyone who is attempting to move around your home. Instead, place furnishing in each room so as to allow the potential buyer to move freely about without worrying about bumping into furniture. It may even help if you can remove a few of the excess pieces of furniture and further open up more floor space and improve overall traffic flow.

Create a Neutral Environment

Keep in mind that not everyone’s tastes are going to echo yours. If you have tons of family photos and artwork on the walls, it can make your home look too busy and in some cases much smaller than it really is. This doesn’t mean you have to strip the walls, try adding a few pieces of tasteful neutral artwork as they can help to create a warmer and more welcoming environment for potential buyers.

Feng-Shui experts also say that you might want to consider removing religious or spiritual items from your home as they have the potential to make buyers feel uncomfortable. The idea behind Feng-Shui is to create a very warm and inviting atmosphere that lets potential buyers see themselves and their families living in your home and the more neutral your home is, the more likely it will be to sell.